Welcome to the ink-credible podcast!

The story behind my INK-credible Podcast is one of simple adoration. I felt the stories of the people who contributed to the tattoo industry in their day to day life were valuable and had to be shared. As an artist, I personally wanted to be more aware my industry’s history and culture and I knew my peers would appreciate this effort if I shared it with them. From my experience and in talking with many professionals it was clear that consumers had interpretations that were very inaccurate about the industry or the art itself. While I am not an expert on all forms of tattooing or a history buff I felt compelled to go out and search and gather the information from the right people. This collection of knowledge, opinions, and facts are formed from different backgrounds, experiences, and regions of the world. This my effort to giving back to my industry in hopes of a more educated consumer and a more sustainable industry.

Join me and my guests every Monday for a new and INK-credible episode!”