EPISODE 10 – Building a Reputable Global Brand in the Permanent Makeup Removal Space, With Lorena Oberg.

On this episode of the INK-Credible Podcast we are joined by Lorena Oberg. Lorena is a laser tattoo removal specialist. She is also an instructor for laser treatments as well and has gone all over Europe and even here in the United States. She teaches doctors and other practitioners how to safely perform laser tattoo removal, including areas like eyes for eyeliner, which is absolutely incredible! Lorena has been doing it in a very safe way and she’s well regarded in the industry for her standards. In today’s episode, we get into some of the dangers that she sees on a daily basis with permanent makeup applications and even though she does a lot of work with body art, Lorena talks about these dangers because in our industry we’re starting to see some questionable procedures that are just not safe to do. So join us today for an incredibly insightful conversation filled with so much wisdom and guidance for working in the permanent makeup industry!

Key points from this episode

  • A background in how Lorena got started in the permanent cosmetics industry.
  • Why there is so much corrective work in permanent cosmetics.
  • How Lorena transitioned from doing permanent makeup to removing it.
  • The reputation that Lorena has built worldwide for laser removal.
  • Lorena’s view and concern about under eye pigmentation.
  • Learning to recognize how titanium ages on skin.
  • Understanding why white/flesh-colored pigment turns black when lasered.
  • Alternative treatments for under eye pigmentation removal.
  • The challenges with the new BB Glow treatment that is offered.
  • Scientific facts about how pigment is metabolized by your body.
  • The difference between adding ink to the dermis and the epidermis.
  • Importance of doing your research before choosing your tattoo artist.

And much more!

Links mentioned in this episode

Lorena Oberg — https://lorenaoberg.co.uk
Lorena on Twitter — https://twitter.com/dermaeraze