EPISODE 11 – Personal Growth and the Law of Attraction in the Permanent Makeup Industry, with Daria Chuprys.

Today on the INK-Credible Podcast we are joined by the amazing and inspiring Daria Chruprys! As a business owner and artist, she is the founder of Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Studio and Academy in Beverly Hills where she runs workshops and teaches the next generation of artists about the industry we all love so much. Her academy was actually the first to focus on microblading in the US and she opened up after moving from Greece and being born in Belarus! In our conversation we cover Daria’s experience in the industry, both in the States and abroad, and also get into her philosophy on life and art. She shares her strong belief in the law of attraction, holding tightly to the idea that we are able to create our own reality through the power of our thinking and visualization. Daria is also a traveling speaker, mentor and soon to be published author and her story and attitude is so inspiring that we cannot wait to share it all with you. For all of this and a whole lot more, tune into the show today!

Key points from this episode

  • The beginnings of Daria’s career in tattooing.
  • Competition in LA in the permanent makeup industry.
  • The story of how Daria emigrated to the US.
  • Daria’s experience starting a business as a newly emigrated woman.
  • Building a name in micro blading after arriving in the US.
  • The law of attraction and how Daria creates her own reality.
  • A little about the book that Daria is currently writing.
  • Daria’s upbringing and her parents’ divorce.
  • The style of teaching that Daria employs.
  • Why permanent makeup is not the art form for everyone.
  • Practicing determination and improving at a particular skill.
  • Daria’s thoughts and feelings on a few different techniques in the industry.
  • Something exciting on the horizon for Daria.
  • And much more!

And much more!

Links mentioned in this episode

Daria Chuprys — https://dariapermanentmakeup.com
Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetics Studio and Training Center USA — www.dermagrafix.com
Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Studio and Academy — https://dariapermanentmakeup.com/
The Secret — https://www.thesecret.tv
Kostace Angelopulous — https://dariapermanentmakeup.com/team/kostas-angel/INK