EPISODE 12 – A Pioneering Family Business, With Eric Chou.

Today you’ll be hearing from a very special person in the cosmetic tattoo world, Eric Chou, who is the owner, director and product designer for Mei-Cha Global. His parents invented the very first linear rotary device that is designed specifically for cosmetic tattoo artists, and their brand dates back 36 years when the cosmetic tattoo industry was still in its infancy. Their design was aimed at making the tattooing process more efficient, and today their business is operational in 42 countries worldwide. Eric’s vision is to keep modernizing the company, to create greater versatility for artists and the ensure that their products remain affordable. We chat about the different roles of his family members in the business, when he really became passionate about the company and what Mei-Cha Global is planning for the future. Be sure to join us for another INK-credible episode!

Key points from this episode

  • What the name Mei-Cha means and where it comes from.
  • More about his aunt who brought Mei-Cha to non-Asian countries and her role in the
  • The beginnings of Mei-Cha and when Eric’s mother opened her first studio.
  • How long it took them to come up with the first prototype and introducing it to the U.S.
  • What he attributes their success to and how they market through trade shows and
  • How the linear rotary device changed the industry and wanting to always improve on the model.
  • What Eric studied and what he brings to the company.
  • Realizing what their brand means to artists and how this fueled his passion for the business.
  • The different products they design to support artists and make their jobs easier.
  • What they are doing to give the brand greater exposure in the market.
  • The importance for artists to know the value of reputable manufacturing companies.
  • What consumers can expect from Mei-Cha products this coming year.

And much more!

Links mentioned in this episode

Mei-Cha Global — https://www.mei-cha.com/
Mei-Cha Global on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/meicha_official/
INK-credible Podcast — https://www.inkcrediblepodcast.com/
Dermigraphics — https://www.dermigraphics.com