EPISODE 14 – Becoming a Microblading Trailblazer, with Emily Joy.

We are joined today by the awesome Emily Joy – a woman whose resume reads like a brow professional’s dream. She gained top notch training from legendary international eye brow masters like Anastasia Soar Beverly and Branko Babic. She has managed exclusive luxury spas all over the US and was the first artist to ever license microblading and micropigmentation in Washington DC. She and her girl gang at Dollistic are revolutionizing the cosmetic tattoo industry with their reputation for unparalleled microblading artistry, and she’s proud to have just launched their academy this past January. Emily talks to us today about the struggles that she’s had as a new business owner and some of the things that caught her completely off guard. Over the last six years she’s gone through some real hardships but has no doubt emerged stronger and wiser and ready to share the experiences that might save many of us a lot of heartache. Be sure to join us for this episode!

Key points from this episode

  • The various corporate roles that taught Emily the ropes of running a business.
  • Quitting her job, starting Dollistic and what she did to supplement her income.
  • How a before and after photo of microblading on Instagram inspired her.
  • From a failed permanent makeup course to going back to school to learn machine work.
  • The hassle of getting a business license and initiating tattoo regulations in Washington DC.
  • Realizing how high the demand for microblading was and deciding to train a team of girls.
  • Why non-compete agreements were not enough to protect her business.
  • The lack of integrity and betrayal she experienced with some of the girls who worked for her.
  • Dealing with employees, the problem with trust and navigating emotion in the workplace.
  • The importance of listening to your instincts and keeping record of suspicious incidents.
  • Why doing proper research about the laws specific to your industry is vital for aspiring
    business owners.
  • The need to stipulate detailed policy around time off with artists working for you.
  • Compiling a company handbook and needing to frequently restructure company policy.

And much more!

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