EPISODE 16 – From Addict to A-List Artist: A Story of Hope, with Myke Chambers.

We are joined today by Myke Chambers, owner of Seven Swords Tattoo Company, who at the age of 12 did his first tattoo on one of his friends. Myke had a really rough start in life, from being homeless to getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, getting into drugs and being in prison for a number of years. He couldn’t find a job and needed a way to make money, and once he got sober, he was able to focus on his passion. His tattooing was a means of connecting with others and with himself, and in the process he developed his own signature style of traditional Americana tattooing. Traveling around the world, Myke shares his gift with many others, making friends and sharing his story. He talks about his time on Hollywood Boulevard, how his style developed and about their new location in Asheville, North Carolina. His is a super inspiring story of hope that you don’t want to miss out on, so tune in today!

Key points from this episode

  • A new location in Asheville and what his fiancée Emily Boring offers there.
  • When Myke’s obsession with tattoos started and when he got his first one.
  • His wayward childhood, growing up on the streets and being in prison.
  • The stigma around tattoo artists and the changing perceptions about body art.
  • How people from other countries have a reverence for tattoo artists.
  • Working on street shops in Hollywood Boulevard, walk-ins and doing everything he could.
  • Understanding that the competition is tough and the need for good relationships with clients.
  • The importance of reading your clients and giving them a good experience.
  • Getting sober and having to relearn tattooing and being a good person.
  • Implementing a more traditional approach and how his work changed for the better.
  • Being featured in a newspaper, the response from readers and what it meant for his career.
  • How he uses his own story and his tattooing to restore hope to people.
  • The people who inspired him and learning the importance of the law of attraction.
  • The problem of believing that there’s not enough for everyone.
  • How legislation is affecting the tattoo industry.
  • Some advice for aspiring body artists.

And much more!

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