EPISODE 17 – Revolutionizing Aftercare with Eddie Kolos from H2Ocean.

Today on the show we welcome Eddie Kolos, the founder and head of H2Ocean! Just under 20 years ago Eddies started experimenting with sea water and first aid, drawing on his passion for surfing, community and marine life. His efforts quickly found a home in the piercing and tattoo markets as ointments and aftercare for the healing process and the rest is history! We talk to Eddie about this somewhat fortuitous path and just how exactly it all happened. These days H2Ocean is an international company and renowned aftercare producer with multiple products for different applications. We get down the nitty gritty on what they built their name on and why the field attracted Eddie in the beginning. Along the way we get to hear about Eddie’s growing love and interest in tattoos, his thoughts on industry regulation and the key ingredients to his product line. For this and more amazing conversation with a true pioneer, be sure to join us!

Key points from this episode

  • Some background to H2Ocean and the products they offer.
  • The first ideas for what turned out Eddie’s first aid tattoo products.
  • Eddie’s academic background and passion for marine biology.
  • The evolution of the products that grew out of the first sea salt spray.
  • Packaging and the care that H2Ocean put into all the ingredients.
  • A little bit about H2Ocean’s foam soap.
  • Industry standards around the manufacturing of tattoo aftercare products.
  • The ways in which H2Ocean is surpassing the FDA’s requirements.
  • Sunscreen, coral reef and the connection between the two.
  • The naming of the company and the inspiration behind the name.
  • Bad practices around jars, samples labelling and hygiene.
  • Eddies commitment to his family, his company, the community and the environment.
  • Avoiding overuse of aftercare products.
  • Eddie’s own special tips and tricks for great aftercare!
  • H2Ocean’s future plans for CBD aftercare products.

And much more!


“Everyone that’s been around the ocean knows how fast the ocean can heal up a cut and that’s how it kind of began.” — @h2oceaned [0:06:35]

“that market was made for us. It was short after that that I started making other products like the mouthwash and then the tattoo aftercare.” — @h2oceaned [0:15:47]

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