EPISODE 2 – Manufacturing Better Machines with Gaston Siciliano from FK Irons.

In this episode of the podcast we welcome Gaston Siciliano who is the CEO of FK Irons! Gaston has been making high quality and improved tattoo machinery for the better part of the last decade and he is here to tell us all about his professional journey and how he got to where he is today. We hear from him about coming to America from Argentina with his rock band and how he made his way in the graphic design profession before finding his place in the tattoo world. Gaston talks about how he started to design machines that were more of what he needed and enabled him to work for longer periods without rest. He also discusses his early interest in art, his later passion for photographer and how switching between different creative outlets can keep you inspired. He unpacks the manufacturing process, testing and quality of his machines and also shares his ideas around the running of a happy and successful company. For this and much more, join us today!

Key points from this episode

  • The beginnings of FK Irons and the focus from the start.
  • Why Gaston became interested in manufacturing machines.
  • Discovering a passion for art through an artistic mother.
  • How Gaston came to the US with his rock band.
  • An overview of Gaston’s career in graphic design and tattooing.
  • A little about Gaston’s wife who is a permanent makeup artist.
  • Gaston’s interest and talent for photography.
  • Jumping back and forth between different mediums to stay inspired.
  • The timeline for designing and creating a new machine.
  • The process of testing machines once they are designed.
  • Differences in quality between the cheaper machines and FK Irons.
  • Gaston’s philosophy behind running a company and hiring employees.
  • And much more!

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