EPISODE 3 – Looking Back at the Permanent Makeup Industry with Robin Pels.

Hey everyone and welcome back to the INK-Credible Podcast! Today our guest is another industry veteran with literal decades of experience in the permanent makeup game, none other than Robin Pels. She is still working in the field out in California and continues to teach, learn and sharpen her skills along the way. Robin tells us about some of early experiences in the profession from when she started out 32 years ago before explaining some of the products and tools that were used. She shares how experimental the approach was back then and how she and others paved the way for the tried and tested methods used today. She gives us great insight into the cross pollination between the permanent makeup artists and the tattoo artists and how everyone seemed to help each other out in the burgeoning field. So for a great chat with a true unsung hero, be sure to join us!

Key points from this episode

  • Looking back at the permanent makeup industry of a few decades ago.
  • Mixing colors back then and learning how each pigment worked.
  • The trial error nature of the industry when Robin started out.
  • The lessons Robin took from tattoo artists.
  • Robin’s attitude to continual learning and classes.
  • How the permanent makeup and tattoo artists helped each other out.
  • What Robin envisages for her future.
  • And much more!

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