EPISODE 7 – Sandy Brows, Luminous Lips and Amore Eyeliner with Nhung Phan.

On the show today we welcome Nhung Phan all the way from Vietnam! She is a permanent
makeup artist with over ten years of experience who has traveled the globe delighting her
clients with her world renowned work. In our conversation we cover some of Nhung’s history
and how she found herself in the industry, tattoo culture in Vietnam, and some of the popular
techniques and styles at the moment. Nhung comments on the different procedures she offers,
her favorite work and some of the people who have inspired her along the way. Nhung’s
experience and passion offer such great insight into the scene in Vietnam and how its history
informs its present. We finish off the discussion considering the contemporary spread of
information and skills that are available to artists through travel and the Internet. For all this and
much more, be sure to tune in today!

Key points from this episode

  • How Nhung got started in the permanent makeup industry.
  • Tattoo and permanent makeup culture in Vietnam.
  • Use of micro blading, its popularity and its limitations
  • Nhung’s rising fame and the audience that loves her work so much currently.
  • Nhung’s favorite facial area for permanent makeup and why.
  • Safety, risks and the sensation of having permanent makeup tattooed.
  • Use of anaesthetic in the procedures.
  • The skill level required for permanent makeup work.
  • Important people that Nhung has looked up to during her career.
  • Advances in the industry and information in the last few decades.
  • The years prior to permanent makeup’s commercial availability in Vietnam.
  • Nhung’s travels and the exchange of knowledge on these trips.
  • Parting words of wisdom from Nhung!

And much more!

Links mentioned in this episode

FK Irons — https://www.fkirons.com/
Microbeau — https://www.microbeau.com/
Nhung Phan Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/np_brows_lashes/
Nhung Phan Brows ad Lashes — http://npbrows.vn